Thursday, January 05, 2012

No rice at this month..

 Assalam all,

Actually this is my previous wishlist when it goes turn to new year..gosh..same as usual..but, this time i would like to say that..yeah..i want to be a diet person - seriously babe..

help me diet
This is my diet month..hopefully..

So, here, starting from today onward and go for coming day (currently at this month only..hehe), i would like to say no ti 'RICE'..huhu..LoL..Hopefully, it will be my discipline to have some kind of good looking body (opss, its only for my hubby purposely..)..
The reason why i want to be a diet person is:

1. I frustrated when buy some kind of jeans, long shirt, then the size actually not match and really damn when this is my most favourite
2. Just look at my tummy, it really full of flabby..hahaha..what my hubby was always say..

3. I'm so jealous with some of my friend that really concern and still maintain slim even they are same like me, have a time to pregnant..gosh, why huh??

4. Finally, i want be a healthy person.. Seriously, now i'm very easy to get tired, its simple like when i walk in 30 minutes, then my legs a fully of muscle coming out..that was funny when my hubby said to me, "why u look so tired??no exercise la you.."..damn!!

So, what the meaning???

diet and nutrition tips
Like this??Oh my!!!

From today onward, this is my wish..loss another 10kg..please..Please say "I love u my body.."hahaha....

::F.Y.A.D:: forever and ever humble...

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