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Change a new kindergarden...from Q-Dess to Little Caliph..

Assalam to all,

Actually, since i register my princess in a new school last month, i think i want to share all this to all my blogger but i don't have any free time due to my 'lovely' assignment, is like a fully mountain of 'gold'..hehehe..

Today i want to share about my little princess new school starting from next year and i hope till 2013, its rarely about 2 year. Before this, i mean, this year, i send my daughter to Q-Dees, but on 2012, i wish to send my little princess to a new school which is better than me and my husband wish..
Little Caliph...

I think, this is a new journey of a way of life because we need my little princess to be a good daughter, will pray for me when we already send back to Allah and this is what we hope for the rest of our life. Because, it is 3 thing that we can bring back to miracle time, which is:

1. Our kindness pray.

2. Pray from our son/daughter.

3. Our solicity.

So, a part from that, what we already studied and look for almost 1 year (this year), in Q-Dees, there are only touch in aspect of quotient of learning and how to become a good student indeed. I mean, its not rarely touch on spiritual academic as well. I mean, in Klang, there is no Q-Dees center which is the principle is from Muslim citizen, all are from Indian. So, i think that not really meant to us. 

I'm no saying that all the Q-Dees in Klang (in Parkland and Botanic), so we as a muslim i think not really convenient to send our daughter there. 

So, in Little Caliph, there is enough academic all in one..i mean, all in one spiritual and those academic. The language taught in English medium - that was really good.

I didn't say that Q-Dees is not good, its only not good for our little princess which is i think not really toward to love to Allah SWT. So, hopefully in Little Caliph, we get what we want actually..

Here, some information about Little Caliph..

Company Profile - History & Background
Hajjah Sabariah Faridah’s interest in early childhood education started when she was working as a volunteer teacher at an Islamic English kindergarten in Ottawa while she was a Chemistry student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Since then, she has been active in helping entrepreneurs, associations, and communities to open Islamic kindergartens in Malaysia.
With the Grace of Allah, in January 2003, Hajjah Sabariah Faridah and her husband, Haji Roslan Nordin finally founded their own kindergarten. The name given to the new kindergarten was Little Caliphs Kindergarten, but due to the naming rules of Ministry of Education, the name could not be used. Instead, the kindergarten was named Tadika Rama Rama Bistari.
Backed by her many years of active training and consultancy on early childhood education, the founders used the new kindergarten as a platform to design, develop, and test a new pre-school program, namely The Little Caliphs Program.
Continuous research and development, courses attended, hands-on involvements, feedback from parents, students, and staff, visits to other kindergarten all over the world, and most importantly, inspiration from Allah S.W.T. - all of these have contributed to the development of TLCP.
TLCP was marketed by ILM Marketing in 2003 and 2004. The role to market TLCP was shifted to Little Caliphs Enterprise in 2005.
As at March 2010, there were 35 kindergartens authorized to use TLCP.
There are three companies working hand-in-hand to establish solid products and services in the pre-school education field: Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd (LCISB), Little Caliphs Enterprise (LCE), and Tadika Rama Rama Bistari (TRRB).

TLC Framework

Little Caliph Founder..

ok la..will updated very soon for any informative info...bye..

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