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Penangan Lady Gaga..kita???

Salam Ukhwah,

Ini petikan berita, besar betul penangan Lady Gaga ni kan??
(saya n mr hubby suka baca

WITH the music thumping and the crowd cheering, Shenna Jacques and Charlie Reeve gyrate to the beat on stage.

Meaty issue ... Lady GaGa
Meaty issue ... Lady GaGa
Both performers are decked out in fishnets and tiny corsets but they are not professional adult dancers - they are schoolgirls, aged just eight and nine.
The kids are paid to appear at children's parties dressed in similar revealing outfits to their idol, pop star Lady GaGa.
And mums Tasha Jacques and Chellie Reeve are so keen to promote Shenna and Charlie's act that the girls even have their own manager and website.
However, not everyone is a fan of the schoolgirls' GaGa routines. Some disapproving mothers have even walked out of their shows.

Revealing ... the young pair in GaGa-style outfits
Revealing ... the young pair in GaGa-style outfits
Known as the Mini GaGas, Shenna and Charlie have found fame around their local town of Falmouth, Cornwall, as they don blonde wigs, bikinis and even GaGa's highly controversial meat dress to perform.
Their mums - along with Charlie's sister Haylee, 20, who acts as manager - charge between £30 to £60 for the girls to perform and make the replica GaGa outfits between them.

Tasha, 28, a single mum to Shenna, believes the girls' performances are nothing more than a bit of fun and dreams of the pair winning The X Factor when they are old enough.
She says: "We're proud to be pushy parents and think having the girls perform from an early age will serve them well in the future.
"When the girls expressed an interest three months ago in performing as their favourite pop star, Lady GaGa, we thought it was a fantastic idea.

'Proud to be pushy' ... (l-r) mum Chellie, manager Haylee and other mum Tasha
'Proud to be pushy' ... (l-r) mum Chellie, manager Haylee and other mum Tasha
"Since then they have been working at children's parties every weekend and have been inundated with requests to perform.
"Kids no longer want clowns or magicians at their birthday celebrations. They want to be entertained by the Mini GaGas."
Charlie's mum Chellie, 40, and dad Shayne, 41, are also both supportive of their daughter.
Full-time mum Chellie says: "The girls are born performers. They love GaGa and want to dress and act like her. We see nothing wrong with that.
"People are shocked at the way they mimic GaGa. Their routines include them gyrating and crawling around the stage in their costumes.
"But that is what Lady GaGa does and they want to be exactly like her."

Dancing up a storm ... best friends Charlie and Shenna
Dancing up a storm ... best friends Charlie and Shenna
As well as having a website that shows the girls dressed in skin-tight bodysuits and bikinis, the mums hand out flyers in Cornwall and Devon to promote their kids' shows.
Haylee says: "We get at least one booking a week and the money goes into a fund for the girls.
"We all pitch in to make the costumes. We make the meat dress with cuts from our local butcher for £11 a time.
"It's worth all the hard work though. The meat dress is the favourite of the performance. The kids love it."
The mums of Shenna, eight, and Charlie, nine, do not think the revealing costumes or provocative dance moves are a problem.
Tasha says: "Anyone who says we are exploiting or over-sexualising the girls is talking rubbish.

Practising the routines ... the girls with manager Haylee
Practising the routines ... the girls with manager Haylee
"Obviously some of the parents at the parties react badly and we hear them tutting when the Mini GaGas perform. But this is only because they are jealous and wish their kids had such a great talent."
Haylee agrees: "I think it's worse that some parents allow their young children to run around on the beach wearing nothing but knickers in front of strangers.
"Even though our girls wear fishnets and corsets, it is done in a fun way - not tarty."
Tasha and Chellie think the idea their kids could be targeted by sexual predators is ridiculous. Chellie says: "We supervise the girls closely and they are certainly in no way a target to paedophiles.
"Most parents don't allow photos to be taken at children's parties, and when the Mini GaGas perform I make sure the party organiser knows every man in the audience.

Provocative ... girls in barely-there GaGa-themed outfits
Provocative ... girls in barely-there GaGa-themed outfits
"We know where the girls are all the time and never even let them walk to and from school alone.
"Not allowing these girls to express their natural talent would be wrong. We can't live our lives worried about doing anything fun simply because a paedophile might see it."
The Mini GaGas' outrageous costumes include a spangled white leotard with lace tights and, most shockingly, a police cordon tape outfit like the one the singer wore in the explicit version of her video for No1 song Telephone. They also have a collection of wigs, glasses and stick-on face jewellery. During the performance, the Mini GaGas mime the songs and, after a fashion parade, get everyone dancing. Some parents join in but others leave in horrified protest.
Tasha, who is a carer, says: "For the most part, the audience love it.
"But some parents feel the need to accuse us of exploiting the girls and say their clothes are too grown-up and revealing.
"I simply tell them that if they don't like it, they should leave. No one is forcing them to watch."
Chellie adds: "The girls have been born with the gift to perform, but like all kids they need a little push in the right direction.
"You have to start young to get noticed and these girls are stars of the future. They will be the next big thing, mark my words."
Best friends Shenna and Charlie, who also do ballet and tap dancing, both say they want to be on The X Factor or work as models when they grow up.
Shenna giggles: "I'm always reading celebrity magazines to see the latest GaGa outfits. I want to wear the black leather biker one next.

"Dressing up and singing Lady GaGa is much more fun than playing with Barbies."
Charlie agrees: "I love looking so grown-up and having my hair and make-up done by Mummy.
"Doing the parties at the weekend has made us both feel like celebrities, and our mums say it will help us be stars in the future."
Manager Haylee adds: "Lady GaGa has shown that you can become a star from working hard at a young age and from being controversial. This is what we all hope for the Mini GaGas.
"They're the next big stars. Nothing can stand in their way."

Ok, itu cerita Lady Gaga..

Kalau difikir dari aspek yg baik, macam mana?Can we think twice, how can this kind of people can make money and interaction just only like finger trips??can we imagine that??

So, katakan anak2 remaja sekarang terikut2 budaya Lady Gaga ni, mcm mana?kalau ikut dari segi positif


Marilah kita fikir2kan..layan..(",)

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