Friday, January 01, 2010

5 ways to manage workplace stress

hi everyone, i want to share something which is good: 
Take breaks through-out the day. It will help clear ur mind n relieve pressure. something as simple as going to the water cooler for a drink may do the trick. 

Enroll in a noontime/an after-work-exercise class. This will give u a chance to unwind n a way to relieve stress.  

Try pacing ur activities. Do more demanding work in the morning, when ur energy level is higher, n easier work later in the day, when u may be tired

Listen to music (what im doing in the office) while u work to help u relax. Use headphones if you're doing so in the middle of the workday

Get to work early/stay late once a week. u may be able to accomplished more when u vary ur routine

I hope it will help u (plus me also)..this what i think can drag out our stree at work especially when we hav a bad management in our office...wachaaa...

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