Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Friend..

Assalam all,

who is ur true friend?

have u find someone who are really appreciate what have u done before??


When asked me, i should say that its really hard to find a true friend..friend are everywhere especially when u had a 'great time'..but, believe me, we can see the view if true friend when u are really in 'hard time'. Nobody cares about u, nobody concern about what have u doing, there are only care about 'how to talk about u' - of course, at the back stories..

Friendly speaking, i almost done all this thing. In almost 30th years of life, i would find someone who are really my true friend - forever and ever..when u put ur true friend, its always bear in your eyes, heart and of course when u want to do something, its comes smoothly - 'i should tell about this to my friend..bla..bla..'. Yeah, its true babe!

Out of the box, actually in our 1 life (in this world), we should have our true friend so that we can share and try not to be so selfish in what we try to observe. we need this in better future..


Because we cannot aspect what can happens in future?we are only can planned for future but we don't know whats happening in future even a day after today!Its all in Allah hand...we as caliph, just run the show..but, of course should thanks Allah in all the way of life - SHOULD!!!

Friend is just sense of your mirror - whether it can sparkling your life or not.

I already told my old friend, we can find our true friend when we leave the service - we know who is our friend. We must admit that!!When we leave the service, nobody cares about u, i think from 1000 list of friend on FB, its only below 50 in behind (who are really reply, tag etc..)..its happens on me babe..especially when u leave a service without acknowledge people!!..maybe some of ur friend list are already unfriend u...hehehe...For me, who cares!!!

Be true..

::F.Y.A.D:: forever and ever humble...

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