Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Reason Why??

Assalam all bloggies,

How are u today?got fine as well?


Same as usual..noted, thanks.

Actually, what is the reason i'm choosing this entry to talk and share some knowledge??why??

Well, the reason why me and my husband choose not to stay in the current position (in govenrment)..hopefully people are really think out of the box, don't scream the idea just like huge rock in your double head..yeah..

There is no right or wrong to answer that question, The Reason Why??..The important is, Allah knows everything, what is in our head right now..

The right answer for me is:

1. I m straight away to answer that, i have no passion in army condition - just part of my contract with government so that, i must give my contribution on that. Other than that, i still hope for new way of life.

2. I really don't understand the 'double standard' in the flow process of continue study (especially abroad), promotion etc. I says based on contradiction of men and women. Yes, women are minor in army field but still have a 'place' to gain their achievement on education, promotion etc. Actually, in Navy the most high rank for women is only Commander - can u imagine that??

I think, i just can list 2 out of more than 10 in my thinking. Just to share something and don;t forget that, we live in Democratic country - so that, never say never!!!hehehe..

The right answer for my husband is (just what i have seen by my eyes..):

1. In his Intake, there is 12 officers who are joint this specific expertise. Can u imagine, out of 12, my husband got list number at 8/9 just because of the ages among them. *my husband still young, ouchh..hehehe..

2. A part of that, the chosen for attend staff college (one of the contribution for promotion) only 2 for his expertise. When we calculate all together, his intake already got their place at staff college since 2010 (2 officer for each year), and based on my husband aged, he can only joint the staff college 'program' on 2015/2016..Beside that, this month (year 2012), his intake already got a promotion to one step ahead rank..We proud of that but in their heard, only Allah knows everything. They are also human, same as people in other area.

yeah, same like me, i just list down 2 out of more than 10. Why??because, my husband still in the service, please hide all the reason.

But, for what reason??

two of us...
YES, for not choosing this area for seek a way of life - YES again for not depend only in some of the area 'hurt' in every days..I ask myself to not heart feeling because Allah knows everything. We seek for rainbow but actually Allah already create 'the best rainbows' for us..InsyaAllah.

::F.Y.A.D:: forever and ever humble...

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