Friday, October 15, 2010

Relationship for me..

Salam everyone,

When people talk about relationship, what are in mind?Is that about friend?Or it's about love??Or something else..??For me, when we talked abut relationship, it just a friend false, but it done..

The interesting topic to share dare 1 Officer (quiet senior) can make 1 propaganda just because his trainee got mistake??He make his pride goes down just because of this type op people..Just imagine, we, same as an Officer got a rubbish discussion??

We must think, this is not professional attitude..we know that trainee make a problem, so, what should u do to counter this thing for not doing again??We should think for this not blame people who are trying to solve the problem..It's not a professional..

Yes, I understand when u tried to create a word 'pow' but that's not a main thing..we are not 'pow' that trainee, we 'pow' the divisional officer who are bloody hood, cannot take charge his trainee...Now, we're wasting our time to discuss and yet, we drag some nonsense cannot happen in training school, very embarrassed...i am so pity with this men..

Can u just imagine that, trainee who are really not competent, couldn't answer the question about short term (e.g: what is DO, CO..etc) and yet, their headmaster blame us to do that...yes, i understand his statement for 'not 'pow' the trainee' but, he must make some sort of frame talk..not just judge's not fair enough..Not fair for us..
This is is happen to me as trainer, so called lecturer in def fence training, we talked about our country, how to trained a soldier not how to trained a chief..We cannot do our own job if we are always think what people want to say about u..
For me, think about what world should to say about u when your trainee are not competent to perform their job in future...Think carefully about that...

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