Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dream in reality life...

Salam Kelana..

My fren was told me that, your dream will come true if u try to get that simple thing that i must do??instead of reality or fantasy?i remember what my mom always told me "don't bother ur dream because it will push u to another real of life.."yes, i agreed with that statement..hehehe...back to my word, i hav nothing to share but just want to make some kind of brainstorming..what if i say that ur dream will come true?in what perspective?in what kind of thing?yes, let me discuss...

In some part of dream, there is a number of memories controlled by ur mind n ur mind s control by ur side of memories?understand that?it is what we call 'journey' ur sleeping time, before u sleep, just don't forget to bring the book of imagine picture...ohh, what hav i done if i???

Lets talk about my fact..i think i can be somebody after next and next year of my journey...might be in future but i think that is the reason why i'm here to say something..forbidden to any of mysterious of time n future..i guess what??its about my dream since i was very very young..i had a dream that i was study in UTM (not in army style..) in engineering side but not in electrical (such in oil department)..and yet, i done it between 5 years study, not really same but as same what??

The 2 thing future office..i guess my dream is 70% can be real stuck in 2006 which is my office is belong to somebody in my department where is...(pls closed ur mouth fyad...)..not in this forum ok??pls remember ur promised..could i??oh no, there are so many people promise me that but???Lu pikirla sendiri, as nabil said..

Last but not least is my holiday..yehaaa...someone had promise me that..u know who??mu beloved hubby..instead of holiday, what kind of holiday, i don't mind (even be a backpacker also can la....), i want..nothing to say n nothing to remember, what i want to say is...Holiday is my next step journey..yahooo....Europe...waiting for me n my family..taraaaa...                       


  1. hidup x seindah seperti yg dijangka.. apa pun teruskanlah berjalan tanpa henti. Aku pon.. cecita setinggi langit, akhirnya aku stuck disini, disini tempat tumpah darah ku.hahaha

  2. hehehehe...betula la lin..
    tp cita-cita tu mmg tggi melangit..
    harap2 dptla tercapai..InsyaAllah...

  3. klw usahai'allah boleh dpt.. klw dok diam tunggu langit runtuh, akhirnya mati gak kan?? huhuhu

  4. yup...InsyaAllah..kalo kena caranya..
    ni sdg usahala nie..
    Allah takkan ubah nasib seseorg kalo diri sendiri tak berubah...betui tak??


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