Friday, August 29, 2014

IELTS Examination...

Assalam all,

I felt asleep lately due to Atkins Diet that i followed since last week. I just concentrated on protein food rather than carbohydrate. In fact, we just need around 20grms of total carbo food a day!!. Pheww, i need a bundle of patient -  a lot of glorious food in front of my eyes - just blind it!!

Now, i have to concentrate on IELTS Examination on 20th Sept 2014 while speaking on 15th Sept 2014. I have to look back the english tutorial back to secondary school and try to do some exercise from my friend notes and internet. It's totally different from ADFELPS Examination that i had sit to further study in Australia. 

I really need 7.0 band and above.


As a review, there is 4 components that i have to sit:

1. Speaking.
2. Reading.
3. Writing.
4. Listening.

Please pray for me - quite nervous lately!!

Regards, Dr to be - Intan

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