Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My newly university list..upon!!

Salam Ukhwah,

Here some listing the university that I'm so interested to continue my PhD..I think somewhere in Scandinavia country such as Germany, Finland, Sweden, France..But, the problem is how to manage your interception of communication. These country normally used their 1st language as a basic rule to enter the admission. On my side, i need at least 1 year to attend the language class before i meet the requirement on that. So, here some listing University that i always search and try to look into this matter.. Hopefully my journey on study abroad can done somewhere in 2015. This my promise to my self, personally:

a. Hanken School of Economics

b. University of Helsinki

c. University of Turku

d. University of Lapland

What others?

e. Uppsala University

f. Gothernburg University

What else?

Will updated very soon. Since my Master is in hand, i need some miracle plan to fulfill my monetize on PhD..YES, i heading the road now!!!

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