Friday, July 18, 2014

Dian turns 7 and MH17 tragedy...

Assalam all.

Really sad, sadness deeply in my heart. One by one tragedy occurs in my gold land, Malaysia lately. Its not about people but now about humanity and life!.

I don't want to describe what happen in Malaysia now, there's a lot of blogger out there just reveal about that. But deeply in my heart, i bet, you will know the hide and true story behind the scene of MH17 and of course MH307. I will keep praying on this matter and also our heartbreak about Gaza land and Palestinian, may Allah give us powerful strength to against the laknatullah Israel.

Today is Dian's birthday. She's now turns 7. How time flies away and i still remembered the day when i deliver the baby on 18th July 2007 in Manjung, Perak around 13:05, Malaysia time through Cesarean with 11 doctors around me because i do have a complication on pregnancy. Only me and my husband on that day, no relatives and friends come during the hard time deliver my baby (because its on working time, wednesday). I'm really pity of my husband, he doing hard to fulfill the requirement doctors and nurses somehow this is our first time facing the deliver day.

Dian born with full greatest and love heart with me and my husband. 

I really love her, every single minutes i want to kiss her chic and body. You know, baby smell is like a baby lotion on it. Everyday i captured the moment, she's smile, she's do this and that without failed.

Now, my wish is only one: I do hope Dian will become a good servant for Allah, be a good muslimat and be a good daughter for me and my husband. 

I really love her, so much!

From your mother,  
Regards, Dr to be - Intan

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